About Us

How did it all begin? 

We were looking for cushions to style our sofa, so we set off to buy some. It eventually became quite a long shopping trip because we couldn’t find items to mix and match in one place. We looked around in shops and did some research online too. We bought a few items, took them home, tried them out, then set off again. 

All of a sudden we asked ourselves: why don’t we make and distribute cushions?

Shortly after this idea came to us we started to map out the local distributors, and contacted a number of home textile manufacturers around Europe. We spent months selecting fabrics, creating and producing the collections: varying colours, styles and patterns that create a stylish and harmonious look together. Then with our creative energy flowing we added some curtains and pictures. And Pick Pack Decor was created. Why Pick Pack? Pick and pack, and ready to go. Avoid the bothersome shopping spree of searching yourself.

You can find photos on how to match items to create ideal combinations. Browsing among the ideas on the site you can add a lively visual to your home, office, salon or community space.

We can also offer you a few ready-made sets: some of them include only cushions, in others you can find curtains or pictures, or even both, to help you find the right items quickly and easily.

Once you have selected a product, you can pair it with matching items to create your own set.

Happy shopping!

Pick Pack Decor Team

About Us